California DMV Written Test Practice 2024 (Class C Driver’s License)

California DMV Written Test Practice – When you apply for an original driver’s license at the DMV in California, you must pass a knowledge test with multiple choice questions to obtain your provisional instruction permit (learner’s permit).

The test questions are all taken from the California Driver’s Handbook, covering information about road signs and traffic laws. A passing score is 80%.

The test can be attempted online twice. If you fail both attempts, you will need to go to a DMV office to take the test a third time. You are allowed three attempts to pass before you must reapply. Minors must wait seven days to retake a failed knowledge test, not including the day of the failure.

In general, the theoretical exam is not difficult, but to succeed in the test, you should prepare as follows:

  • Carefully read the traffic law handbook on the California DMV’s website. Use the audio version to learn in your free time.
  • When riding with someone, pay close attention to traffic signs and how people drive. If you don’t understand something, you can ask the driver.
  • Practice the sample test as much as possible.

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If you choose to take the test in Vietnamese, you can practice the DMV Written Test California Vietnamese.

Bypassing the DMV Written Test, applicants demonstrate their commitment to road safety and responsible driving. It is a significant step towards obtaining a driver’s license in California and reflects an individual’s dedication to becoming a knowledgeable and conscientious driver on the state’s roads.