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42 Reading and Writing Test Sentences for US Citizenship 2024

ByThai Tim

Jan 20, 2023

The Writing and Reading Test is part of the US citizenship interview. It evaluates an applicant’s English language skills, including reading comprehension and writing ability. Passing them is a requirement for US citizenship. Preparation and practice are important for success.

This is 42 common reading sentences and 42 common writing sentences based on the vocabulary list from the USCIS.

U.S. Citizenship Reading & Writing Test Common Sentences

No. Reading Writing
1. What are the colors of the American flag? The American flag is red, white and blue
2. What is the name of our first President? Washington is our first President
3. What do we have to pay the government? We have to pay taxes
4. When is Independence Day? Independence Day is in July
5. What is one right citizens have? Citizens can vote
6. Where does congress meet? Congress meets in Washington
7. What do people want in America? People want to vote in America
8. What is the largest state? Alaska is the largest state
9. What country is to the south of the U.S.? Mexico is to the south of the U.S.
10. When is Flag Day? Flag Day is in June
11. Who is the Father of the country? President Washington is the Father of the country
12. What is the capital of the United States? The capital of the United States is Washington, D.C.
13. Who lived here first? American Indians lived here first
14. Who can vote? Citizens can vote
15. Who was the second president? Adams was the second president
16. How many states does the U.S. have? The United States has fifty states
17. Why do people come to America? People come to the United States to be free
18. Where does the president live? The president lives in the White House
19. When is Thanksgiving? Thanksgiving is in November
20. Who is in the dollar bill? President Washington is on the dollar bill
21. What country is to the north of the U.S.? Canada is to the north of the U.S.
22. What city was the first capital of the United States? New York city was the first capital of the United States
23. Who elects congress? The citizens elect congress
24. Where is the White House? The White House is in Washington, D.C.
25. How many Senators does congress have? The congress has one hundred Senators
26. When is Labor Day? Labor Day is in September
27. Who was Abraham Lincoln? Lincoln was the president during the civil war
28. Who has the right to vote? Citizens have the right to vote
29. When is President’s Day? President’s Day is in February
30. What state has the most people? California has the most people
31. What was one of the first states? Delaware was one of the first states of the United States
32. Who lives in the White House? The president lives in the White House
33. Who was George Washington? George Washington was the first president
34. When do we vote for president? We vote for president in November
35. When is Memorial Day? Memorial Day is in May
36. What is one right in the Bill of Rights? Freedom of speech is one right in the Bill of Rights
37. What is the largest city in America? New York city is the largest city
38. When is Columbus Day? Columbus Day is in October
39. What do people want when they come to America? People want freedom of speech
40. Where do Senators meet? Senators meet in Congress
41. Who was the first President? Washington was the first President
42. How many senators are there? We have one hundred senators