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125 Most Asked N-400 Vocabulary Words

ByThai Tim

Aug 2, 2023

One of the requirements to pass the N-400 interview is to understand and speak English. During the naturalization interview, the adjudicating officer may ask questions about the applicant’s Form N-400 Application for Naturalization.

Here is an example:

  • Officer: Have you EVER claimed to be a U.S. citizen (in writing or in any other way)?
  • Applicant: No.
  • Officer: What does “Claim to be a U.S. citizen” mean?
  • Applicant: To tell someone I’m a U.S. citizen when I’m not.

Occasionally, officers may request applicants to provide definitions of words or phrases from the Form N-400 to ensure that the applicant understood what they filled out. There are 125 vocabulary words that are most frequently asked in the N-400 application.

Word/Phrase Explanation
Freedom of speech The right to express any opinions in public.
Vote To elect new leaders.
Religion Like Hindu, Buda, Catholic.
Claim to be a U.S. citizen To tell someone I’m a U.S. citizen when I’m not.
Non-resident Not a U.S. resident.
Owe taxes To owe the government money.
Over due Past the deadline.
File a tax return To send tax paper work to the government.
The communist party/communism Like the government of China or North Korea.
Totalitarian party One-party government under a dictatorship.
Terrorism Violence against people.
Terrorist organization An organization that uses violence against people.
Genocide To kill a whole nation or race.
Torture To hurt someone for confession.
Jail/prison A place where prisoners are kept.
Crime Like illegal activities.
Offense Violation of the law.
Cited Like getting a violation ticket.
Arrested To be taken to jail.
Convicted Found guilty under the law.
Hereditary titles/Inherited titles Like king or queen.
Title of nobility/Order of nobility Like king or queen.
Disability Like people who are blind or deaf.
Legally incompetent Like having mental problems.
Mental institution A hospital for people with mental (health) problems.
Weapon Like gun or knife.
Bear arms To carry a gun.
Oath of Allegiance A promise to be loyal to the United States.
Allegiance A loyalty.
Habitual drunkard A person who gets drunk regularly.
Illegal drugs/Narcotics Like heroin or cocaine.
Prostitute Someone who has sex for money.
Court-martialed To go to a military court.
Register To sign up.
Owe To have a debt.
Member of Person belonging to a group.
Advocate To support.
Overthrow To defeat.
Persecute To abuse.
Nazi government The party under hitler.
Kill To cause death.
Forcing sexual contact Have sexual contact with someone when they don’t want.
Military unit A group of people serving in the army.
Paramilitary unit A group of people who act like a military group.
Police unit A group of police officer.
Self-defense unit A group of people that protect a place using weapon.
Vigilante unit A group of people who act like the police.
Rebel group A group of people who fight against the government.
Guerrialla group A group of people who use weapons to attack the military or government.
Militia An army of people, not part of the official military.
Insurgent organization A group that use weapons and fight against a government.
Prison camp A jail or prison for enemy soldier.
Detention facility A place where people are forced to stay.
Labor camp A place where people forced to work.
Combat Like fighting.
Commit To engage in something.
Detained Keep someone in jail.
Charged Accused of.
Alternative sentencing A different way to punish someone.
Rehabilitative program A program that restores someone to health.
Suspended sentence Delaying of a sentence.
Smuggled To move something illegaly into or out of a country.
Immigration benefit Thing like visa, green card or citizenship.
Gamble illegally Any type of gambling that is specifically prohibited by state law.
Pay alimony To pay money to your ex spouse after divorce.
Misrepresentation Something that is not true.
Public benefit Like food stamp.
FALSE Not true.
Fraudulen/Misleading To make people believe a lie.
Lie To say something not true.
Removed/exclude/deported Sent back to the original country.
Ordered An instruction to do something.
Rescission Government cancels someone green card.
U.S. armed forces U.S. military.
Discharge Released.
Alien A person from other country.
Draft Join U.S. military when you become 18-26 years old.
Exemption Special permission not to do something.
Deserted Left the army without permission.
Constitution The supreme law.
Noncombatant service Like an army doctor.
Work of national importance Tasks that are important to a nation.
Civilian A person who is not in the military.
Involve To take part in.
Associate To have a connection.
S.S. military unit An army under the nazi government.
Extermination camp A place to keep people before killing them.
Transit camp A place to keep people such as refugees temporarily.
Concentration camp A place to keep political prisoners during the war.
Participate To be part of.
Recruit To find new people to join the armed forces.
Conscript To require someone to join the army.
Enlist To sign up.
Diversion A different program to avoid jail time.
Deferred prosecution or deferred adjudication Legal agreement that allows alternative sentencing.
Withheld adjudication Like a second chance.
Sentence A punishment under the law.
Parole Allow to leave the prison early due to good behavior.
Probation You report to an officer regularly instead of jail time.
Controlled substances Legal drugs that can be bought with a prescription but with restrictions.
Procure To find someone for sex.
Dependent A person who is relying on another person financially.
Admission into the U.S. The right to enter the U.S.
Deportation proceedings Process to removing a person.
Give up To quit.
Country of nationality My country of nationality is Vietnam.
Fail Not to pass.
National origin Where I’m from.
Threaten To warn to hurt someone.
Assisted in committing To help someone to break the law.
Attempted to commit To try to break the law.
Pending Waiting to happen.
Spouse Husband or wife.
Marital status Like being married, single or divorced.
Widowed Lose one’s spouse through death.
Divorced Legally stop being married.
Single Not married now and never married before.
Serve To work.
Sealed Enclosed.
Expunged/cleared Removed.
Disclose the information To reveal the information.
D.U.I Driving under influence.
Obtain To get something.
Station Like a base.
Freedom of speech The righ to speech freely.
Avoid being drafted To prevent from being selected.
Club Like a group.
Traffic violation Like speeding ticket.
Rape To force someone to have sex.